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The thing on the shore

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The thing on the shore
Publisher: Quercus

This is the second book from Tom Fletcher after THE LEAPING, and yes it needs to be in capitals.

There is one familiar face here, but nothing more, oh and there is a call centre, I think we are seeing a theme.....

I thought of how to describe this book when on a jolly with Boy Geek, 'horror for the techno age'. There is technology, but also HORRIBLE things and they are linked very well.

As per leaping, this book makes you feel uncomfortable, you don't know if you really like the characters and there is something up but you can't put your finger on it.

There are some really hideous grotesque characters, there are some that are really very alarming and then there are some which are almost acceptable, but that goes to pot pretty quickly.

This is a short review as I'm afraid to give anything away, but I will say, not for the squeamish, defo for fans of The Leaping, and don't read it if you have one of those faces that makes expressions and you don't know it

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The thing on the shore

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