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Smash Fu Tips, Cheats and Strategies

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Tapping and smashing is everything in Smash Fu, as you attempt to demonstrate your prowess as the speediest of Ninjas when it comes to destroying everything in sight. While quick reactions and a keen eye will go a long way to helping you here, Gamezebo’s Smash Fu Tips, Cheats and Strategies also has you covered with how to gain the edge when smashing things up.

The Basics

Smash Fu Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Concentrate! This isn’t the kind of game you can play while having one eye on the TV, or while commuting. You need to focus on what’s going on. The first round is very easy, but the difficulty soon ramps up, and you’re expected to have speedy reflexes if you want to stand a chance of succeeding here.
  • Avoid the dynamite – it’ll cost you a life. That would be just a silly waste of a good life. Do focus on picking up gold and fortune cookies, besides your main item. These are well defined, given they’re both yellow.

Smash Fu Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • You can use the gold to unlock new items via a crane game mechanism. It takes 100 gold to unlock them, so it’ll take a while, but it’s worth pursuing. Every 30 minutes, you can gain a free gift which is usually a bundle of gold. That means a free and easy go at the crane game, and is worth doing often.
  • Learn what will get you the easy points. For instance, you can easily play this one handed if you’re fast enough, but you’re missing out on some valuable bonus points. By tapping on two items at once, you gain a double bonus which boosts your high score considerably over time. Holding your iPhone with both hands might be a little awkward at first, but it’ll pay off.
  • Practice! Smash Fu is a rhythm game at heart, meaning practice makes perfect. Stick with it. The more you play, the better you’ll become. You’ll soon end up in the zone and relying on instinct rather than anything else.

Advanced Smashing Tips

Smash Fu Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Work at those bonus levels. A few items will go flying in the air at the same time as a bunch of dynamite. Tap on the items with both hands, and the points will come flying in. This is one of the key points to remember when trying to ride high in the high score tables.
  • One of the fun things about Smash Fu is that you can unlock lots of new items to smash up. You’d think they’d all be equal, but they’re sort of not. Because each item is a different color, you want to focus on picking out something that’s distinctive and easy to spot amongst the wave of dynamite coming at you. After all, that split second that it takes to distinguish between items could make all the difference when you’re trying to react quickly. My personal favorite is the lightbulb because it looks so different from everything else.

Smash Fu Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Gold can be earned through completing certain objectives sometimes. You can usually achieve these through regular play, but work hard at earning them quickly. You’ll usually gain quite a bit from doing this.
  • Use the fortune cookies wisely. You’ll often gain them just by playing the game, or you can use gold to unlock them. Each cookie gives you an extra chance once you run out of lives. This is particularly handy when your high score is pretty good, and you want to improve upon it even more. Don’t stress about buying fortune cookies for a while though. Spending gold on items is a much better option early on.
  • Having a fun time smashing stuff up? Maybe consider buying the Melonhead item via an in-app purchase. Do so, and you can use your own head (or anyone else’s) from your camera roll, adding a more personal touch to the smashing.

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Smash Fu Tips, Cheats and Strategies

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