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Wicked Game try play it...

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 Wicked Game
Publisher: Orenda

If you like a good crime novel with a thriller aspect that's based on reality (to an extent) then this is the book for you.

I didn't realise until I was 150 pages in that this book is based on the life of a real man, the author. I obviously knew the events in the book were real, in many cases, but when I realised this novel was based on one man's career and life, it gave this read more credibility and extra depth. Also, the fact that this book is rooted in reality, meant that for the large part it wasn't sensationalist. There were movements towards this at the end, but I imagine you kinda have to do that if you want a commercial success.

I really liked the different POVs in the book, I'm a fan of this writing technique as I'm sure frequent readers have gathered. But, my main fave man was Kev. Bloody loved Kev!

If you want a book that feels real but has the key action, plot twists and intrigue that leads a thriller onwards then this is defos the book for you. I look forward to the next one!

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Wicked Game try play it...

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