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OurGroceries shopping list app review

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I’ve been using Google Keep for the last year or so to keep track of my weekly grocery shopping list. This app was so much easier to use than my prior method of calling Jeanne to get the list before I’d go to the store each week. Writing items on paper is such a struggle 😉 Seriously, the writing part wasn’t difficult, it was the “call me when you get to the store in case I think of something else” part that always made me roll my eyes. Then I found Google Keep and Jeanne was then able to add new items to the list while I was en route to the store so I’d see them while I was shopping. Automatic syncing and no phone calls required. Yes, I am a genius!

But then I bought an Amazon Echo Dot which I hoped would streamline the process even further. But as luck would have it, The Echo would not talk to the Google Keep app. Time for a replacement! Enter OurGroceries, a shopping list app for both iOS and Android.

ourgroceries-02 ourgroceries-05

OurGroceries is free if you don’t mind the small ad at the top of the list. If that bugs you, you can pay $4.99 for the ad-free version of the app, which also includes the ability to scan barcodes to add items to the list.

Like Google Keep, you can create multiple lists if you shop at more than one store. Lists can be categorized to sort the items for different areas of the store.

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When you add an item it searches to see if the item already exists in the item database. I really like this feature because my Google Keep lists would always end up with duplicate items, differently spelled items, etc.

OurGroceries also has the ability to add recipes. I didn’t use the recipe feature, but it’s basically just a way to create a list of ingredients that go into a recipe. You can then send those items to your shopping list. If you’ve already added an item prior to sending the recipe to the list, it will add a quantity to the item in the list.

ourgroceries-07 ourgroceries-04

After you’ve created a list, you can sort the items by category and then either alphabetical or you can rearrange them manually. If you’re really serious about your items, you can add extra info about them including a barcode and photo.

OurGroceries has a setting that you can turn on that will keep the display on for longer than the system timeout setting. This is handy to keep the list viewable as you shop.

As a list keeping app, OurGroceries is as basic and easy to use as it gets. But the best part is that your lists sync with the online version of the app and the app on other mobile devices. All you need to do is link an email address to the app. No passwords required. Then when Jeanne adds MultiGrain Cheerios to the list on her phone, it shows up on my phone pretty much instantly.

Getting back to the reason why I dumped Google Keep and have switched to OurGroceries, it works with Alexa and the Amazon Echo Dot. After you add the skill to the Echo, you can then just say “Alexa tell OurGroceries to add milk to the shopping list” and it’s added. Yay!

Will I go back to Google Keep if a skill is added that will let me add items with my Amazon Echo? Nope. I’ve found the OurGroceries interface to be easier to use and since that’s all I used Keep for, OurGroceries is all I need.

Source: For this review, I downloaded the free version of the app. Please visit their OurGroceries for more info and Google Play, iTunes to download.


Product Information

Price:Free with ads, $4.99 without ads
Retailer:Google Play
  • Free with ads
  • Simple to use
  • Updates on all devices that have the app
  • Does not require a password
  • None

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OurGroceries shopping list app review

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