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Apple iPhone 7 Plus preview

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Everything we know about Apple’s next-gen super-sized iPhone

Apple iPhone 7 Plus preview

We're all going to die, Spurs will never win the league, and Apple will release a new iPhone - some things never change.

While Apple has already announced and released the 4in iPhone SE, we expect to see its real flagship, the iPhone 7, at a dedicated launch event in September.

Where there’s an iPhone 7 though, an iPhone 7 Plus won’t be far behind, and that’s what we’re here to talk about today. Grab a drink, get some snacks, and let’s take a trip down to rumour land.

Oh, and don’t forget the salt. You’re probably going to need more than a pinch.

Plus size model

The latest rumours point to the iPhone 7 Plus having an all-chocolate build, with different colour options available in the form of sprinkles.

Sorry. Obviously, we can expect to see an all-metal build, similar in design to that of the existing iPhone 7 Plus, so don’t expect any wacky triangle or pentagram shapes come launch day.

There will be a couple of fairly major changes though. The video above, obtained exclusively by Stuff courtesy of reliable leaker @onleaks, shows off a standard iPhone 7 Plus design with one key difference - there’s no headphone jack in sight.

Rumours of Apple ditching the headphone jack for the standard Lightning port have been flying around for quite some time, and this latest leak all but confirms it.

We expect the move will cause plenty of heated debates come the weeks and months following the launch, with many Apple customers complaining about having to buy adapters or new Lightning-compatible headphones for their new handsets.

The other major change is the presence of three circular cutouts on the rear of the iPhone 7 Plus, which resemble the Smart Connector found on the iPad Pro.

This opens up the possibility of modular accessories, putting the iPhone 7 Plus in direct competition with the likes of the LG G5.

The rear of the device also looks cleaner, with the antenna bands moved to the top, bottom and sides. Oh, and lets not gloss over the extra-wide camera cutout…

Double up

Double up

Assuming the recent leaks and rumours are correct, the iPhone 7 Plus will be landing with a dual-lens camera setup. It’s unclear at this stage how the system will work, but there are a few options.

Apple could go the LG G5 route, providing one regular and one ultra wide angle lens for cramming in landscape shots, as well as capturing large groups of people without slicing anyone’s head in half.

The other option is the Huawei P9 approach, which uses one colour and one purely black and white sensor. The black and white sensor is able to absorb more light, before converging with information taken from the regular colour sensor. The upshot of all this is better quality images with less noise in dimmer conditions.

Thirdly, we could see some form of optical zoom technology, which would produce clear shots when zoomed in, unlike the horrible noise and grain provided by current digital zoom tech.

Either way, we’re excited. The iPhone 6s Plus already takes fantastic photos thanks to its sensor and optical image stabilisation, and past iPhones have always produced top notch images.

If Apple’s made some major improvements,as the leaks suggest, then we can’t wait to try new snapper in person come launch day.

Screening for pixels

Screening for pixels

We have yet to see an iPhone match the 2K resolution of rival Android flagships. The iPhone 6s Plus’ 5.5in 1080p display bests its iPhone 6s brother, but it would still be nice to see a higher resolution, as long as battery life isn’t sacrificed.

However, we expect Apple to stick to its guns, by using essentially the same exact screen used in the current iPhone 6s Plus. Its 401 ppi count by no means feels low res, and if the handset itself will be even thinner, the battery size is likely to take a hit, putting a 2K resolution lower on our list of priorities.

There have been a few whispers suggesting that Apple will be switching over to OLED screens for future iPhones, which would put them on par with the rich blacks and vibrant colours offered by the Samsung Galaxy S7 - but we don’t expect this switch to be made with the upcoming 2016 generation of iPhones.

Surprise surprise

Surprise surprise

The iPhone 7 Plus (and iPhone 7, for that matter) will be the most powerful iPhones ever released. It’s the one thing that’s practically guaranteed come launch day, and if we don’t see a chart or graph showing off XX% increases in speed and graphics power, we’ll eat our smartphones.

The processor we’re more than likely to see is Apple’s own A10 offering, although there’s very little actual information on its capabilities at this stage. One rumour, courtesy of Cult of Mac, states that the A10 will feature a big jump up to six cores, which, while feasible, would be a large step up over the current dual-core architecture we’ve seen from the company so far.

iPhones have also happily survived with much less RAM than their Android competition, and the existing nippy iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are rocking only 2GB of RAM.

Analyst Ming-Ch Kuo predicts that the iPhone 7 Plus will land with 3GB of RAM, while the standard iPhone 7 will stick to its guns with 2GB.

The analyst has nailed predictions in the past, while also getting some wrong, so this another spec to file in the Maybe folder, for the time being at least.

New dog, new tricks

New dog, new tricks

New iPhone, new version of iOS - the cycle hasn’t broken yet, and we see no reason why this year will be anything different, with both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus set to launch with iOS 10 straight out of the box.

Apple is set to reveal iOS 10 at WWDC on 13 June, and we’ve already had a look at all the features we expect to see in the company’s latest piece of mobile software.

Highlights include the ability to (finally) hide default Apple app like Stocks, along with auto-transcribed voicemail messages and Apple Home - a one-stop-shop for controlling everything from your IoT-connected lightbulbs to your smart door handles.

Price and release date

Price and release date

The iPhone 7 Plus should roughly be priced at around the same £620 price point as the existing base model iPhone 6s Plus (if not a little cheaper), but that price could still fluctuate either way.

As usual, we expect Apple to reveal the new iPhones in the second week of September, with an actual release date set for around two weeks after.

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Apple iPhone 7 Plus preview

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